Read through the bible with us in 2024!

There is no more powerful or effective Spiritual discipline, than reading God’s word the Bible, and we’ve got a plan for you.  For some this will be a stretch— to commit to reading the bible each and every day…but you can do this. This challenge should take you about 30 minutes each day— and I believe God will meet you as you open His word, and invite Him to guide you into His truth. Each day we will have a reading from our Life Journal Reading plan (which goes through the whole bible once each year, and the new Testament twice).

Paper or Digital Available.

In addition to the printed copies we will have at the church lobby, we have PDF’s of our reading plan available for download here.  In addition you can subscribe to the bible reading plan using the YouVersion bible app on your device or computer.  YouVersion has built in audio bible’s for many popular translations (including our regular reader at NewHeart— the English Standard Version (ESV)).  We’ve created a shared YouVersion reading plan that you can join (links to the right), and even comment and discuss what you’re reading with others from NewHeart.

Follow Along Online

Let’s kick off 2024 Right!

Join our bible reading plan on your computer, Phone or Tablet with the YouVersion App. This option will send you daily reminders (if you choose), and even includes an audio bible to read the daily reading to you as you drive, or follow along in your bible.